55 Tourism Events will be Brought up to Banyuwangi This Year

Sabtu, 04 Februari 2023 - 05:11
55 Tourism Events will be Brought up to Banyuwangi This Year Banyuwangi Ethnon Carnival (BEC) 2022 will be bring back in 2023. (Photo: Fazar Dimas/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES BALI, JAKARTABanyuwangi, a city which was laid in the most Eastern side of East Java has listed 55 vents on their tourism yearly calendar event. The have short these events from 291 which was delivered on their table. To them, it will help the locals raised their business. 

These 55 events included on a program called Banyuwangi Festival or B-Fest 2023. Their two iconic festivals was the Gandrung Sewu and Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival (BEC). The number of tourists and the raise business has taken the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy or Kemenparekraf attention. 

These two has been listed as on their Kharismas Event Nusantara Program (KEN), one national calendar event. And with a little help from the central government there will be no surprise that this two will be one world class festival. 

There are few reasons why Kemenparekraf willing to put these two events put into the KEN. The Head of Culture and Tourism Departent of Muhammad Bramuda said the good packaging and length of stay from the visitors has fulfilled all the requirements. 

By listed on KEN, the festival will get a free promotion from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. The ministry will also support the festival with fund and help them with some property they need, as well mentoring. 

Each Event will be Held in More than a Day

The local government of Banyuwangi planned to held each event for more than a day. Banyuwangi Ethno Carniveal for isntance, they planned to hold it for 6 days consecutively. "There will be some exhibition, awarding night to live music concert," Bramuda said. 

Bramuda also explained that the longer the event held the longer tourists willing to stay in the city. And that means the local economy surge with the number of the visitors coming to stay. 

During these festival The Head of Disbudpar Banyuwangi Bramuda said that during this occasion, the local government will take a long the local MSMe to display the products during the exhibition. And this will be a good chance for the local tourism event as well the tourist to enjoy the local wisdom of this Gandrung city. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti

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