Best Places for Sunset in Banyuwangi

Sabtu, 11 Maret 2023 - 05:13
Best Places for Sunset in Banyuwangi The orange sunset sky at Pelabuhan Ikan Muncar Beach. (PHOTO: Anggara Cahya/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES BALI, BANYUWANGI – The Holy Month of Ramadan 2023 is around the corner. This is the holy yet festive season for the Muslims to spend their time with their family, relatives and friends while waiting to break the fast (Iftar). 

Here are the top recommendations for those who want to spend their time while waiting to break the fast by enjoying the breathtaking ocean sunset. In addition to that, you may also find some recommended restaurants and food stalls around the spot to break the fast. 

1. Boom Marina Beach

Pantai-Boom-Marina.jpgThe red, orange sunset sky and the festive night market at Boom Marina Beach. (PHOTO: Anggara Cahya/TIMES Indonesia)

Boom Marina Beach is famous for its beautiful ocean sunset and scenery. Travelers usually come here to enjoy the exotic scenery of the vast Bali Strait, especially the breathtaking ocean sunset. 

Boom Marina Beach is located in Kampungmandar, Banyuwangi. This place can be one of the best choices for anyone who wants to spend their time with family and friends while waiting to break the fast. 

One of the most interesting things about Boom Marina Beach is its complete supporting facilities, such as Private Resort, Marina Lounge & Restaurant, and Yacht Club that are located along the coastline. 

Not only fancy restaurants, but the beach managed by PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia (PPI) also offers a festive night local market for those who want to enjoy the delicious traditional Indonesian cuisine. 

There are many aesthetic photo spots to capture your moments with your loved ones, such as Causeway, the spiral-shaped landmark, the old houses, and the stunning ocean sunset at the beach. 

2. Ancol Beach in Banyuwangi

Pantai-Ancol.jpgAncol Beach with Bali Strait in the background. (PHOTO: Anggara Cahya/TIMES Indonesia)

Ancol Beach is the second list to enjoy the sunset with friends, romantic partner, and family during Ramadan 2023. 

Still in the same area with Boom Marina Beach, Ancol Beach is located in Lateng, Banyuwangi, to be exact. Ancol Beach, which is also known as Plengsengan Beach, is famous for its stunning orange-red sunset sky, calm waves, calm breeze, and the scenery of boats in rows with the green Bali Island in the background. 

During Iftar, you can easily find places to enjoy some delicious food to break the fast. Ancol Beach has many food stalls that offer various dishes with relatively affordable prices. One of the most famous restaurants that you can find here is Fish Market. This restaurant serves various seafood dishes that will pamper your palate and satisfy your hunger. 

“I usually come here in the afternoon to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. The most perfect spot is along the coastline,” said Caisa Reyfalevi, one of the visitors of Ancol Beach.

3. Pelabuhan Ikan Muncar Beach

Pelabuhan Ikan Muncar Beach is the place for the fishermen to dock their boats. However, this beach also offers one of the best ocean sunsets in Banyuwangi. That’s why this place is recommended for those who want to spend their time while waiting to break the fast during the Holy Month of Ramadan 2023. 

Pelabuhan Ikan Muncar Beach is located in Sampangan Village, Kedungrejo, Muncar sub-district in Banyuwangi. It has many supporting facilities that you can enjoy and use while waiting for Iftar, such as a playground for the children, electric scooters, and fishing spots with many kinds of fish. 

Along the coastline, the visitors also can find some cafes and street food markets like the ones in Thailand that sell many snacks and seafood and sweet beverages to quench your thirst. 

Those are the top three recommended spots to enjoy the ocean sunset while waiting for the Iftar during Ramadan 2023. Have fun! (*)

Pewarta : Tiara Dewanti DJ
Editor : Tiara Dewanti DJ

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