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Grebeg Suro: A Cultural Celebration in Java

Senin, 08 Juli 2024 - 05:22
Grebeg Suro: A Cultural Celebration in Java Gebreg Suro with the Cultural Parade theme organized by the Wulan Tumanggal Hermitage in Tegal, Central Java. (Photo: Risky Cahyo Nugroho/ TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES BALI, JAKARTA – The Javanese community holds 1 Suro in high regard as it marks the first month in the Javanese calendar, which aligns with Muharram in the Islamic Hijri calendar. This significant period is celebrated with various unique traditions and festivities, significantly called as Grebreg Suro.

Among the most notable is Gebreg Suro with the Cultural Parade theme organized by the Wulan Tumanggal Hermitage in Tegal, Central Java. Situated on the northern slopes of Mount Slamet, this event has become an annual highlight, symbolizing the welcoming of the Suro Festival.

The TRIJAYA School, established in 1966, has its headquarters at the Argasonya Hermitage on Jalan Layang Tegalsari in Tegal. However, its main activities and spiritual practices are conducted at the Wulan Tumanggal Hermitage in Dukuh Tengah village, Bojong district. The annual Cultural Parade celebrating the Suro Festival takes place here, showcasing the region's rich cultural heritage.

The 2024 Cultural Parade commenced on Thursday, July 5, and culminated in a grand ritual and communal prayers on Saturday, July 7, 2024, the night of 1 Suro. The event attracted hundreds of participants, including residents of Dukuh Tengah village in Bojong, who eagerly joined in the celebrations.

LLots of prominent figures attended the event, including Romo Guru Kanjeng Raden Aryo Suryaningrat II, the spiritual leader of the Wulan Tumanggal Hermitage. Representatives from the Central Java Provincial Government's Welfare Bureau and Economic Bureau, as well as local religious leaders and the head of Dukuh Tengah village, were also present.

Romo Guru emphasized the Cultural Parade's significance as a regular event to celebrate the month of Suro, expressing gratitude for the divine blessings received, even as rain fell during the parade. "This Saturday Wage, July 6, 2024, we gather to express our gratitude to the Almighty. This routine event, held on 1 Suro 1958 J / 2024 M, went on smoothly despite the rain," he remarked.

He highlighted that the rich cultural heritage of Nusantara (the Indonesian archipelago) reflects the nation's deep faith in God and love for its diverse traditions. The parade not only serves as a cultural celebration but also as a spiritual journey that strengthens the community's unity and shared values.

The event featured a variety of traditional performances, including Cucuk Lampah Anoman, Punakawan, three flower-scattering princesses, a banner bearer for Grebeg 1 Suro 1458 J / 2024 M, and displays of Gatot Kaca and a mountain of agricultural produce. These performances are deeply rooted in Javanese tradition, symbolizing the people's connection to their cultural and agricultural heritage.

Romo Guru extended heartfelt thanks to the community for their participation and support, which ensured the success of the Grebeg 1 Suro celebration. "We express our deepest gratitude for the participation and support of the community, which made Grebeg 1 Suro run smoothly," he said.

Through the vibrant Cultural Parade, the Javanese community not only honors their cultural heritage but also reinforces their unity and shared values. This celebration of the Javanese New Year is imbued with deep spiritual significance and communal joy. The event showcases the resilience and dedication of the community to preserve and celebrate their cultural and spiritual traditions, ensuring that these practices are passed down to future generations.

In essence, the Grebreg Suro celebration at the Wulan Tumanggal Hermitage is a testament to the enduring cultural and spiritual legacy of the Javanese people. It is a time for reflection, gratitude, and communal harmony, highlighting the rich tapestry of traditions that continue to thrive in Java. (*)

Pewarta : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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