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Bubur Madura, Best Way to Have Your Dessert

Minggu, 15 Januari 2023 - 03:08
Bubur Madura, Best Way to Have Your Dessert Illustration: Nice tempting look of Bubur Madura. (Photo: Tyasindayanti/Freepik)

TIMES BALI, JAKARTA – If you are looking for sweet and savory taste food for your dessert then Bubur Madura will be the best choice to have. This food could be easily found in local conventional market in Indonesia all around the country.

This food has become something that could easily be found in the local market. You might find a different name in every place, but the presentation will be just almost the same. The taste and everything will just almost the same. 

All you need was jus to drop yourself on the local conventional market and asked for the place for this food or specifically bubur sumsum seller is. The local will direct you to the particular place you need. Just for your information, this food commonly available only in the morning.

The Nature of Bubur Madura

this delightful dessert could be considered as a dessert though the local will have it al for appetizer. The sweet and savory taste match to any food you will or you have had. 

This dish consists of a set of condiments from  rice flour porridge or sumsum, sweet cassava starch ball or candil, tapioca pearl, and black sticky rice. Not to mention the savory taste of coconut milk and the sweet taste or palm sugar to top it off.
This dish is a perfect one to serve in the morning. You could have it before starting the day as a breakfast before you start your morning. A set of this dish in the local market will cost you around IDR 5 K less or so.

The Best Way to Have Your Bubur Madura  

You could either made the dish from he scratch or just get a set of ready to use ingredients in the grocery store heat it up and serve it while its hot. Or you can wait till it set and cold and add some ice cube on it. 

This bubur madura will be a perfect companion during a cold day in the morning or a hot day in the summer when it goes with ice cube. Either which will give you a good taste of having this dessert in any moment.

Having this dessert and sit on the street vendor will be a common thing to see in the country. You could order to go or just dine in and sit with the indigenous community to enjoy the exquisite taste of this dish and have unforgettable moments with the locals.

Bubur Madura or Bubur Sumsum the way some people say will enrich your memory of delightful dessert of Indonesia. It will give you a slight of illustration of how the local community enjoy the dessert in the morning. (*)

Pewarta : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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