Kris Wiluan Visits Ponpes Az Zainy to Develop the Local Agro-industry

Kamis, 09 Maret 2023 - 22:42
Kris Wiluan Visits Ponpes Az Zainy to Develop the Local Agro-industry Kris Wiluan and Gus Zain of Ponpes Az Zainy at the Islamic Dormitory School on Tuesday (7/3/2023) (Photo: Mahrubio Javanoti/TIMES Indonesia) 

TIMES BALI, JAKARTAKris Wiluan, an Indonesian billionaire took his business partner from France to visit an Islamic Dormitory School in Malang. The school which also know as Ponpes Az Zainy has been well know to be a care center for those people with mental illness. 

Kris Taenar Wiluan visits the school on Tuesday (7/3/2023). Kris was a good friend of the owner of the school, Gus Zain. During his visit to the school which was located at Tumpang, Malang East Java he was amazed with the way the owner managed the place. 

Kris Wiluan which owns Marina Batam, a prestigious tourist destination in the country complement the way Gus Zain develop the agro industry he has with the help of his students. They build it from the scratch and manage the marketing as well. 

The Avocado Took Kris Wiluan's Attention

During the visit the guy also taste Ponpes Az Zainy products such as avocado, durians, coffee, and salted egg. The aligator avocado which weight around 2 kg per piece capture his attention and manged to steal his heart with its taste. 

"This is remarkable.  The quality of the fruit. The thickness of the flesh. The maximum size. The savoury taste and the natural sweetness," Kris Wiluan said with a glooming eyes. 

Kris-Wiluan-2.jpgKris Wiluan and Gus Zain enjoying the local product of Ponpes Az Zainy. (Photo: Mahrubio Javanoti/TIMES Indonesia)

Not to mention the super durian with 4 to 5 kg in weight. The durian and theavocado was cultivated in the same orchad side to side with one another. In addition the salted egg and the special coffee was also brewed for them. 

This successful businesman also invited Gus Zain to promote their products and put them on his stores. He also took his partner from France to visit the school. "We will help you to go larger," he said. 

His friend was also astonished with the products and put some interest on those products. "I am truly amazed. This dormitory school not only acting in creating a good human resources but also taught them to be independent through agro-industry,"  the guy said. 

The guy which was named as the richest guy in Indonesia in 2007 and 2009 by Forbes also said that the products produced by Ponpes Az Zainy has such a huge potential to be put either in the local or international level market. 

During his visit Kris spills out some of his secret recipe on how to be a successful entrepreneur.  To him it was the struggle and consistency as well hard work to maintain the relationship he has with his partners. That way the business will stay run and grow consistently.  

Kris Wiluan in Gus Zain's Eyes

Towards his best friend's visit Gus Zain felt so pleased and honored that between those thing the guy has on his plate he still managed to make time and visit him at his place. For him, Kris Wiluan has been agood friend and morw to a father figure. 


"As a Dad he taught me discipline and  perseverance in any circumstances. Plus, how to keep trust in business.  He is my inspiration and a maestro," Gus Zain said. 

Meanwhile, Kris Wiluan also appealed the students to stay optimistic ebmvent during a crisis. He asked them to stay creating new ideas and innovation with what they have. "Ponpes Az Zainy is the real living example of it," he ended. (*)

Pewarta : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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